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People from all walks of life join Work Movement for free. WM members submit fresh ideas for inventions and social innovation that can make positive global impact. Each of the submitted ideas is screened by WMexperts based on the success potential of the idea. WMexperts shortlist, improve, develop and bring the best ideas to the society in the form of a technology, product, service or other usable format. Take the first step to make a better world with your idea

1. IDEA 

What: Submit technology driven business savvy ideas to solve social problems

Who does: *WM members


What: Screen best ideas

Who does: **WMexperts


What: Prepare screened ideas for the real world

Who does: **WMexperts



What: Bring prepared ideas to the world in the form of a technology, product, service or other usable format

Who does: **WMexperts

*WM members are students, professors, innovators, inventors and people from all walks of life. Join Work Movement. Submit your idea

**WMexperts include technologists, scientists, patent attorneys, business consultants and financial analysts. To become a WMexpert, contact us